June 26, 2011

Saving Money in Swiss Banks to Foreigners

New Delhi, June 19: Swiss banks and the money is stored at the hands of foreigners has decreased in the last year reported that the Swiss National Bank.

The banking laws in Switzerland the richest country in the world given the secret place to store money in banks. In each country where tax evasion is often collected and noting that black money.

To bring out the black money in Swiss banks in many countries are forced to refuse to show interest in whether there were secret government said banks tanmaivaynta amendments.

In this case the United States last year, several Western countries including Germany, Switzerland and the pressure is on this issue.

This problem has caused turmoil in India and in public. The Supreme Court has been putting pressure on the opposition to the government about the problem.

In this case, the Swiss bank accounts is now released for the last fiscal year. It reduced the amount of money that the foreigners have been stored.

This amounts to around Rs 5 lakh crore is expected to decrease. 2009 - The Rs. 1 crore 30 lakh crore from the savings of foreigners. But 2010 - the year accounted for, foreign savings has been reduced to Re.1 crore 25 lakh crore.

Patukkuvatai black money in Swiss banks to prevent a foreigner in order to bring the amendment on an international level While several measures were taken, the bank has dropped in the gulf to save money.

While the world economy in After declining dollar, the euro since the currency's value has dropped below the value of money stored in banks, Swiss banking official said.

Reduction amount of savings here, not only to make money vankiyiliruntatu. Changes in the total amount of bank stock investments, such as the reduction of the time, he said.


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