June 26, 2011

29 - SIPCOT area in a Special Camp for Cancer Detection

Cuddalore, June 25: A special medical camp in Cuddalore SIPCOT area to detect cancer in people 29 - On the Way to the Collector. Amutavalli said Saturday.

Collector issued a Press Release:
Cuddalore SIPCOT Industrial Estate in the area (20 villages) mutarkattam people, the cancer diagnostic medical camp, 29 - On the morning in the village will be conducted at 10 kutikatu.

Dr. Katirvelu leadership, working under the Department of Medical and Rural Health Services, maruntalunarkal medical staff, medical staff, medical examination and made ​​a part of the group. Clinical medical examination will be conducted with adequate equipment and drugs.

Supreme Court orders, National Environmental Research Institute (niri) one-year study conducted in 2007 in a statement, SIPCOT area Cuddalore and over 20 villages in the atmosphere, a cancer that produces the worst chemicals, the approved amount of 2 thousand times to be announced. He said people should continue to conduct further clinical trials, the recommended form.

But so far such a medical examination was natattappatamal. In this case two days ago, the new Collector of amutavalli, SIPCOT Industrial Environmental Research meeting, about niri report, Tamil Nadu Consumer Federation General Secretary MS. Nizamuddin said.


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